Working Hard To Expunge Your Previous Criminal Charges

Everyone makes mistakes. But a mistake you made in the past, or a brush with the law, should not prevent you from getting the jobs, loans or housing you deserve, now or in the future. An expunction order in effect allows you to deny the arrest or case ever existed.

If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime, and have already faced the consequences, it may be possible to remove those charges from your criminal record — and from criminal background check databases — through a legal process called expungement, which, if successful, will allow you to deny the arrest or case ever existed.

The Law Offices of Steve Gibbins in Austin specializes in expungement and sealings of arrest and criminal records on both state and federal levels. Mr. Gibbins excels in all areas of criminal defense representation, including expunctions. His leadership among a broad range of clients in Travis County and statewide has made a positive difference in many lives.

When hired to handle your expunction and sealing, the Law Offices of Steve Gibbins will promptly research and prepare the legal work. The filing with the appropriate court(s) will typically occur as soon as payment for the expungement or sealing has been confirmed. Often, the court date for the expunction or sealing hearing will be scheduled within four to six weeks of the filing of the petition for expunction or sealing.

As a general rule, one is entitled to an expunction if the case was dismissed or never filed after the arrest, or if you successfully completed a pretrial deferred prosecution for the case, or if your arrest was the result of mistaken identity or if you were pardoned for the offense. If there were other cases arising out of the same incident which did not result in one of the above, expunction may not be available to you. Our office can certainly discuss with you what if anything can be done in your situation.

As a general rule, one is entitled to a sealing of the record or nondisclosure order sealing the arrest record from all private agencies, and many public agencies, if the person successfully completed a deferred adjudication probation. There are exceptions to this general rule — specifically, there are some offenses for which this is not allowed (e.g., family violence assault). But our office can certainly explore what options are available to you in your particular situation.

At the Law Offices of Steve Gibbins you will be provided a quote for your expungement and/or record sealing that includes all the services required to fully implement your expungement or sealing. It is based upon the expenses, including court costs, associated with filing the case and includes notifications to an extensive list of companies, identified through years of experience handling expunctions and sealings. These companies have purchased arrest records' lists, including your arrest records, and the Law Offices of Steve Gibbins will immediately notify them of the court-ordered expungement and/or or sealing of those records from their databases.

Mr. Gibbins goes the extra mile with all such clients by electronically sending certified copies of expunction and/or sealing orders on the day he obtains the court order to expunge or seal to over 40 agencies and companies. No other attorney is known to do this for their clients.

Steve Gibbins — A Lawyer Who Helps You Put Your Mistakes Behind You

Steve has an in-depth understanding of the legal issues surrounding expungement or sealing, as well as an understanding of all that you have been through since your arrest. He believes that you deserve another chance at a happy and productive life. He strives to help individuals like you put mistakes behind them, so they can move forward with their lives. He handles your case promptly and efficiently to clean up your record as quickly as possible.

Whether your charges were dismissed due to insufficient evidence or for any other reason, or if you successfully completed a deferred adjudication, this is your opportunity to leave the past in the past, by obtaining either the expunction or sealing of your arrest record. If you're interested in clearing your record through expungement or sealing, the Law Offices of Steve Gibbins wants to help.

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