Experienced Representation For Jail Releases, Outstanding Warrants And Bond Forfeitures

Regardless of the criminal charge you face after an arrest — drugs, assault, theft or DWI arrest — jail is not a place you want to be. We will immediately do all that we can to get you out of jail as soon as possible, as long as an appropriate agreed-upon payment is made upfront, and we do accept credit card payments. Do not go to a bondsman and lose those funds when you can hire our firm and have any payment go toward the overall attorney fee instead.

Whether your arrest is due to a new charge or for missing court on an old charge and warrant due to bond forfeiture, you will want your rights protected, your interests defended and your future preserved from the start by an experienced, serious, criminal defense attorney with a reputation for personal attention to your particular situation. When you are confined to a jail cell, your freedom is gone and you are not able to live your life and take care of your responsibilities. You need to get out of jail as soon as possible.

In Austin and Travis County, skilled defense lawyer Steve Gibbins can likely do that. He can get you out of jail in most situations, dependent upon your ties to the community, your prior arrest record, if any, and the particular facts involved.

Thanks to a unique set of Travis County rules and practices that often do not require any involvement of a bondsman, you can avoid bond and bail expenses, and put the Law Offices of Steve Gibbins in charge of your case immediately.

You will be free to resume a professional and personal life while your attentive defense representation proceeds — from arraignment, indictment and negotiations with prosecutors, to arguments before judge and jury, trial verdict and appeal, if needed.

Are your liberties and livelihood at stake in a hearing in state court, or at trial in federal court? The first order of business is to get you out of jail, and Steve Gibbins will very likely be able to do this for you.

For a free initial consultation to discuss jail releases and your legal issues after arrest on most any charge, contact us. Call 512-474-2441 right away or send an email message to us at [email protected] or text us at (512) 423-6655.