Aggressive Advocacy When Serious Drug Charges Threaten Your Freedoms And Future

A criminal conviction on drug charges in state or federal courts in Texas can effectively end your life — with potentially a lengthy probation or prison term, substantial fines and a record that follows you everywhere.

In Austin, Travis County and statewide, the experienced criminal defense attorney who can make a positive difference in your life is Steve Gibbins.

At the Law Offices of Steve Gibbins, our skilled lawyer can not only pursue your jail release, he can also protect your rights in negotiations with prosecutors and with aggressive litigation against them, on your behalf.

Since 1983, Steve Gibbins has successfully defended the interests of people accused of possession, trafficking, distribution, manufacturing, smuggling, sale and delivery of controlled substances that include but are not limited to:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs
  • Party drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia

Steve offers honest, straightforward representation, in and out of the courtroom, when your rights are violated. Was your home or motor vehicle searched without a warrant? Were you approached by a police officer, pulled over in your vehicle or searched without probable cause? Were you coerced into a confession? Do you suspect that drugs were planted on you? The Law Offices of Steve Gibbins in Austin can help.

Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation. When hired for legal representation, Mr. Gibbins can begin working on your defense and, if needed, a jail release. When you hire our attorney, he handles all your legal issues; this allows you to continue to pursue your personal and professional life. Call today for a free initial consultation — 512-474-2441. Or email us at [email protected] or text us at (512) 423-6655. Your message will be responded to promptly.