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You can expect major life changes if police charge you with DUI

Intoxicated driving is one of the most common charge coming out of traffic stops in Texas and elsewhere in the nation. Just because you imbibe a drink or two then get behind the wheel of a car does not necessarily mean you are breaking the law. Hopefully, you make responsible choices that keep you and those with whom you share the road as safe as possible. If you face DUI charges, it's very likely that your entire life will undergo some very significant changes.

If you're a college student, your entire academic career may be on the line if the court hands down a conviction (or before then if police report your charges to your school administrators). If you are beyond college years, your personal and professional life may be negatively impacted by drunk driving charges as well.

Possible consequences that may follow your arrest

Words have ways of quickly traveling around town, especially if you live in a small town environment. If your boss or clients learn of the charges against you, it can not only damage your personal reputation but place your job at risk too. The following areas of life are often impacted by DUI charges:

  • Professional licenses and certifications: Are you a doctor, commercial truck driver, firefighter or teacher? Your license to practice in such industries may be at risk if police charge you with drunk driving.
  • Your pocketbook: You might be surprised to learn how severely your finances can be affected by DUI charges. You may not be prepared to meet court costs or increased insurance premiums, which are only two of many ways in which DUI can thrust exorbitant expenses upon you.
  • Your schedule: Both at work and at home, DUI charges can pose significant obstacles in your schedule. The court may order you to enter some type of treatment program, you will likely have numerous appointments with a defense attorney if you hire one, and there may be any number of other obligations attached to your charges that take up large amounts of your time.
  • Future employment: Finding a job may be a great challenge if prospective employers learn that you have faced charges for or were convicted of drunk driving.

Whether it's the first time police have filed DUI charges against you may also bear an impact on your professional circumstances and private life. If this is your third or fourth time in court for the same crime, your freedom may be greatly at risk. Even a first offense can take its toll on your marriage or family life. A key factor in avoiding conviction and getting your life back on track often has to do with how strong a defense you present in court.

Support available

It is possible to represent yourself when facing DUI charges in Texas, but that doesn't mean it's the most viable option. Most people in similar situations turn to experienced criminal defense attorneys for help.

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