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Boating and alcohol don't mix

While much of the country trudges through snow and turns up the thermostat, you and others in Texas enjoy mild temperatures, including some recent gloriously beautiful weekends. If you and your spouse took advantage of that opportunity and went boating on Lake Travis or another of the bodies of water around Austin, you probably expected to make some lovely memories.

Instead, you found yourself watching your spouse being handcuffed and arrested for boating under the influence of alcohol. While it may seem that alcohol is the perfect complement to a warm day on the water, boating while drinking can result in more than just legal trouble.

Understanding the scope of prescription drug abuse in college

You may have been ecstatic to know that your son or daughter received an acceptance letter to the University of Texas here in Austin. You may have thrown a party and anticipated great things for your college student.

Once here, your student may have talked about the pressures of college life, but you figured that your child could handle it. Then, you get the phone call you never expected to receive -- police arrested your child for drug possession. You probably never anticipated that your child would become involved with prescription drugs and may wonder how it happened. What many people don't realize is that prescription drug abuse is a prevalent and pervasive problem on many college campuses across the country.

Determining whether tortious assault has taken place

Let's say you and some of your college pals went to a party to kick back and enjoy some free time after studying for finals. You also invited a special someone along as your date. As soon as you arrived at the party location, you immediately felt a bit hesitant as there were a lot of unfamiliar faces in the crowd, some of whom were being quite rowdy. You asked your friends if it might be a good idea to change plans and head someplace else for the evening.

A couple of them say they know the people who are there and it will all be cool and not to worry. You stay but later regret your decision when a fight breaks out and you find yourself in the back of a police car on your way to jail. You know you only acted in self defense when you threw a punch, but you also know that facing assault charges in Texas is no small matter.

You can expect major life changes if police charge you with DUI

Intoxicated driving is one of the most common charge coming out of traffic stops in Texas and elsewhere in the nation. Just because you imbibe a drink or two then get behind the wheel of a car does not necessarily mean you are breaking the law. Hopefully, you make responsible choices that keep you and those with whom you share the road as safe as possible. If you face DUI charges, it's very likely that your entire life will undergo some very significant changes.

If you're a college student, your entire academic career may be on the line if the court hands down a conviction (or before then if police report your charges to your school administrators). If you are beyond college years, your personal and professional life may be negatively impacted by drunk driving charges as well.

Pulled over for suspected DWI? Here's what you don't want to do

Are you one of many Texas residents who are excited to be gearing up for another holiday season? 

Whether you're among those who like to get a jump start on the holidays or tend to wait to the last minute, there are other issues that may capture your attention and cause stress as special occasions near the horizon. For instance, the last thing you need is to face DWI charges if a police officer pulls you over.

Take a deep breath before challenging Breathalyzer evidence

Let's say you're driving home from a night on the town with your friends. It had been a while since you all got together, and you are replaying the wonderful evening in your mind as you drive along a Texas highway. As is often the case in life, things can go from great to not good at all in an instant. If a police officer pulls you over before you reach your destination, your evening out may go from being a cherished memory to a night you'd rather forget.

You may have only imbibed a small amount of alcohol during supper earlier in the evening. You ate a lot of snacks beforehand and a rather large entrée, so you weren't really worried about getting behind the wheel of your car, that is, until you were rolling down your window and hearing a police officer tell you please step out of your vehicle.

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